Dragon Ball Daima shares a cool new look at Goku and Vegeta drawn by Toyotarō

Veteran Dragon Ball Super illustrator Toyotarō has shared a wonderful illustration of his own version of the children Goku and Vegeta who we will meet in the upcoming Dragon Ball Daima anime.

There new and long-awaited Dragon Ball Daima serieswhich already has a release date and number of episodes confirmed, continues revealing new details over the weeks. We already know that this new proposal from Akira Toriyama and his team is going to be violent and much more adult than it seems at first glance, especially since Goku and company will have childish appearances again.

Indeed, recently the illustrator of the manga Dragon Ball Super, Toyotarōshared a official image which is already circulating on the Internet like wildfire, and we see there its own version of Children Goku and Vegeta for the new anime.

This is the new drawing of Goku and Vegeta by Toyotarō for Dragon Ball Daima

New drawing of Goku and Vegeta by Toyotarō for Dragon Ball Daima

In the image above you can see what Goku and Vegeta look like together in an impressive illustration created by veteran mangaka Toyotarō, the same one who had already shared an illustration of Goku at the beginning of November. In the image, Goku stands out holding his Magic wand like Vegeta with the mythical pose of his Ho Garlic Technique.

Toyotarō, throughout his career, has drawn several manga related to Dragon Ball and is particularly well known for being the illustrator of Dragon Ball Super from 2015 to the present. Akira Toriyama came out to express huge admiration for his work and admitted that out of everyone working on the franchise, Toyotarō’s artwork Their style is closest to yours. In fact, some consider them virtually indistinguishable.

In Toyotarō’s illustration, even though we see both the protagonists and the warriors looking like children, we must not forget that These are actually the two adult Saiyans we know made into children’s versions for reasons arguments.

And, in case you still don’t know, Dragon Ball Daima will feature a story in which characters like Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo or Bulma are transformed into children because of a conspiracy (and the youngest, like Goten and Trunks, will only be babies).

“Daima is a made-up term which in English would mean something like ‘Wicked‘”, explained Akira Toriyama himself during the presentation of the series. The original creator of the manga and anime returns to tell us this new story that we’re already talking about at length where it could fit in the vast and chaotic timeline of the Dragon Ball universe.

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