Fortunately, all he’s missing is a princess: Kazma has adjusted to marriage, but he’s looking for a wife

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Kamil Bartošek aka Kazma suited the gala. The well-known Internet artist wore a wedding outfit and even shone next to the bride, but his bride is still in demand. As a groom, he would look great at the altar, don’t you think? The editors of have documented everything for you.

Forty on the neck, but the right one is probably still being sought. Kamil Bartošek aka Kazma however, he would certainly shine as a groom. The well-known Internet artist wore a bridal outfit as part of the Kadlex fashion show, where he also appeared alongside the bride.

With the “borrowed” wife, he also took a series of wedding photos. The editors were there and captured everything, as you can see in the gallery. But when does he put an engagement ring on someone?

Single or secret?

For a long time, Kazma seemed to be able to kneel in front of model Andrea Kalousová, with whom he was in a relationship for five years. But even if everything seemed bathed in sunshine, in 2021 the couple announced their breakup, as we wrote. More than two years have passed since the breakup, and since then neither of them has boasted about a new relationship.

However, there has long been speculation that Kazma is in a relationship with famous influencer Maria Rosecka, with whom he has been spotted several times in public. The fact that Kazma and Maru are together also stems from social media, where smaller “evidence” is leaked from time to time. Kazma denies any relationship with the young beauty, but everyone who knows him knows very well that he is a big “secret”.

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