Scandal in Red Face 3: The Iranian Hulk will not arrive in Prague. He deceived us, reports Freescoot

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Fighter Sajad Gharibi, known as the “Iranian Hulk”, was supposed to be the main driving force behind the Red Face 3 gala. But it turned out that he probably just wanted to extort money from the organizers and will not arrive not the expected event. In a video available on social media, co-organizer Jakub Smrek aka Freescoot discussed the whole controversial issue and said that Red Face 3 was moved to 2024.

The Red Face 3 gala was scheduled to take place on December 9, but organizers decided to postpone the entire event to 2024. And for a simple reason. The main driving force and face of the gala evening was fighter Sajad Gharibi, aka Iranian Hulk, famous in Iran for his massive figure.

But the Iranian Hulk will not come to the Czech Republic after all. Ladies and gentlemen, we must announce to you that Hulk will no longer be coming to Prague. He was injured before his arrival. We tried to get a medical certificate from him both for our fans and also to be able to get all the expenses in terms of plane tickets and that sort of thing. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we have not received the documents. We contacted the consulate in Tehran and tried to send us Hulk. One person from our team even went there and spent three days with Hulk and tried to organize all the documents and confirmations. Everything was arranged around his arrival,” he described in the video on social networks co-organizer of the Freescoot event.

He didn’t get a visa

It is said that Hulk did not get a visa to the Czech Republic because of his mistake. “The day after submitting the visa application, Sajad requested the return of the passport and did not provide any of the necessary documents of which he had been informed on several occasions,” reads the press release that the MMA organization added to Instagram .

“He thought everything through and I can say for us that he deceived us and wanted to steal money from us. Furt asked for advances, which amount to hundreds of thousands of money, which I hope we see again .” » added Freescoot, noting that the team has decided to push back the entirety of Red Face 3 until 2024.

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