With the screening of Rebel Moon, and shouting for the cast, Zack Snyder is considered the biggest name at CCXP23

Ultrapopular, Zack Snyder was announced during CCXP23 as the biggest attraction of the event in all its 10 years of existence. This Friday (01), the director went to Arena PodPah, and had a chat with the presenters, in addition to being applauded by the audience on the Thunder stage, where he presented his new film to those present, Rebel Moon.

The production, which already has a date set to premiere on Netflix, tells the story of a young man who sets out in search of brave warriors to help him defend his people from a tyrannical government. “My character is a humble farmer, who has a good heart, but can be very naive.“, said Michiel Huisman.

Sofia Boutella defined her protagonist Kora: “A mysterious stranger, who lives in the village and has a mysterious past. Good farmer, but very badass”. For Zack Snyder, the quality of the cast was one of the biggest successes.

I’ve worked with great artists in the past. And I have very specific ideas about what I want from a certain character or actors. These guys that are here, in my opinion, were almost instantly a perfect match for what I had in my head. In fact, they did better than I imagined“, he stated.

Zack Snyder, Michiel Huisman and Sofia Boutella in Rebel Moon (Disclosure / Netflix)Zack Snyder, Michiel Huisman and Sofia Boutella in Rebel Moon (Disclosure / Netflix)
Zack Snyder, Michiel Huisman and Sofia Boutella in Rebel Moon (Disclosure / Netflix)

One of the moments that caught the audience by surprise was the fact that Zack actually sets up a gym in each of his films, and was even called by the cast a master of fighting moves. “I really value that in my films. For this one we built the best gym I’ve ever had on a production, and it worked, because I’m demanding with actors in this aspect.“.

Ray Fisher, who became known to fans for playing Cyborg in Justice League by Zack Snyder, was applauded by the audience, who shouted in addition to his name, the name of Cyborg (in Portuguese), making the actor melt and break all his “grit”, as he entered the stage with his weapon. new character in hand.

According to Snyder, Star Wars It is Excalibur were the films that he has as a reference in the science fiction genre, and helped him to be inspired to create Rebel Moon. “It’s a love letter to those sci-fi fantasies“, remembered.

The first, Rebel Moon: The Fire Girl is scheduled for December 22nd. The second part, Rebel Moon: The Scar Marker, had a new and exclusive trailer shown to the event’s audience. The premiere is scheduled for April 19, 2024. The cast includes, in addition to the aforementioned, Charlie Hunnam, Djimon Hounsou, Doona Bae, Jena Malone, Staz Nair, and E. Duffy.

Shortly after Zack Snyder’s presentation, the film Rebel Moon: The Fire Girlwas shown to the audience present on the Thunder stage.

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