The star of the detective film Miami scares with his appearance: actor David Caruso appeared after five years

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Former Miami star David Caruso (67) has changed beyond recognition. Friendly detective Horatio Caine was seen in public for the first time since 2017, and most fans wouldn’t really recognize him. Caruso looked tired, haggard and his charisma was gone, according to PageSix.

Although actor David Caruso appeared in minor roles in the films Rambo: First Blood, The Chinese Girl and Officer and Gentleman, he only acquired real fame thanks to Police series in Miami. He plays the main character of detective Horatio. The series aired for ten long years, from 2002 to 2012, and won many fans.

The actor was famous for his bright red hair and signature sunglasses, which he removed when he arrived on the case. After filming the series ended, he also ended his acting career and began to devote himself to the art business, as the website writes. News .

He looked unrecognizable

Now the editors Page six pointed out that the red-haired actor was seen in public after six long years. And he looked completely different. The actor has visibly aged, he seems to have resigned himself to taking care of himself and the charisma has disappeared.

Caruso was spotted outside his San Fernando Valley, Calif., home with an unidentified woman running errands. He was last seen by paparazzi photographers in 2017 at the airport with his two children.

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