Mad Men actor John Hamm says he would love to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The actor is immersed in promoting the fifth season of Fargo, a series not to be missed under any circumstances.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is facing problems, that’s a fact, but that doesn’t stop Disney from continuing to have many plans for the immediate future of House of Ideas products, and actors of all kinds want to join us to projects, either for recognition or to be fans. The last case seems to be that of John Hammwho claims he would be delighted be part of the UCM.

John Hamm would love to appear in a superhero movie

John Hamm in a still from Baby Driver (2017)

The actor some of you will remember Mad Men (2007-2015, currently in Spain visible on Amazon Prime Video) and others for his character Boyfriend in Baby Driver (2017) or Good omens (2019, 2023) promotes new season of Fargo, which just aired on FX. But he didn’t want to miss the opportunity to speak with Rant screento say that you would like it, as a Marvel fanto be able to be part of one of his films.

The desire was born from a question about the rumor from the past in which it was explained that Hamm could have played Mr. Sinisterone of the great villains of X-Men, of which the actor declares himself a fan for many years. However, after explaining that These kinds of decisions are made by people above him.said he would be delighted to take part in one of these films.

“I hope that whatever the plans, include me” Hamm said. “But otherwise, they have a lot of people willing to be a part of these stories. The truth is that there are many stories in the world of X-Men say. Or Fantastic Fouror the Doctor Doom. Yes, I wish I had a chance. Who knows?”

It’s worth noting that right now the MCU is looking for the next big supervillain to take on a superhero team that could bring back Chris Evans as Captain America, so who knows, as John Hamm says.

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