Kingdom: The Blood Announced, An Action RPG Based On The Netflix Hit

Netflix has announced that South Korean studio Action Square will develop this action title inspired by its series which will arrive on PC, Android and iOS.

Publisher Netflix and South Korean development studio Action Square have announced Kingdom: The Bloodan action RPG inspired by the popular series on the streaming platform that can be enjoyed alone or in company for PCs and devices with Android and iOS operating system. As announced from Gematsuthe video game doesn’t yet have a definitive release date, though officials have shared a brief first gameplay-focused trailer.

In a statement, Netflix stressed that the video game will remain faithful to the hit television series. “Kingdom: The Blood Recreate the characters, zombies and ruthless action from the series in high quality 3D graphics. Korean culture is treated with great care in both gameplay and aesthetics“, can we read. On the other hand, the motion capture for the fights was carried out with the participation of a Korean professional swordsman “to perfectly reproduce the deadly Korean-style fights”.

The title will transport players to “magnificent settings” such as the imposing Korean palaces or the dangerous city of Hanyang, which is infested with zombies. It was also pointed out that players will have various clothing options at their disposal, including of course the hanboka traditional Korean garment that features “intense colors and textures representative of 16th-century Korea”.

Kingdom: The Blood will have multiple game modes

Finally, officials pointed out that Kingdom: The Blood will feature a story mode that will follow the “drama of the Netflix series”, as well as a conquest mode in which players will be able to participate in final boss battles and PvP (Player versus Player).

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