Kateřina Brožová reopened old wounds: I was the victim of psychological and physical terror

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Actress Kateřina Brožová (55) attracts the attention of many men. Although she has been single for a long time, she has good reason for this: experiences from her previous relationships make her fear being the target of domestic and psychological terror again. She spoke about it for Blesk.

Kateřina Brožová has been married to businessman Zdeňek Toman for seven years, with whom she has a daughter, Kateřina (22), and subsequently had several other relationships. The last official partner known to the public was Jaromír Soukup (54). Since then, Brožová has only appeared in public. Not even on his Instagram no man appears.

I’m careful who I let into my body. Long-term life experiences and various life vicissitudes that are related to me and the age of the child, the desire to start a family, the desire to simply have someone by my side or to exist in society. We women are often afraid, even though I think I’m quite independent,” the actress told Pro. lightning . Brožová doesn’t like having anyone by her side. They must first fall in love and function in every aspect.

“I was a classic victim”

“I found myself in situations where I had to overcome a lot of my psychological crises because I’ve experienced things that almost ruined my life, or it could have gone very wrong. I faced psychological abuse, alcoholism in my environment and other things,” Brožová continues, opening old wounds. She wasn’t specific in her story, but she said she was a classic victim.

She further said that it took her a long time to discover what kind of terror she was actually living in. “I think a lot of women who are in similar toxic relationships of any kind just don’t want to and can’t admit it because they have kids or are just afraid to leave because they don’t know how to manage life. . These women stay there like that and it can turn out badly,” added Brožová, whose unpleasant experience was also reported by the newspaper. I see! .

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