Ryan Reynolds Mocks ‘Deadpool 3’ Leaks With His Own Footage From Filming

Ryan Reynolds, who plays Wade Wilson in the Marvel film, mocks leaks from the set of “Deadpool 3” with his own images that are causing an Internet sensation.

Yes, Deadpool 3 started with a filtration. In this one we saw Hugh Jackman with the classic Wolverine costume, fighting different enemies on a movie set with the 20th Century Fox hit in the background. In the film, which will be released next year, the mouthy mercenary and the mutant will travel from one end of the universe to the other while facing different threats. A few days ago, another X-Men character was confirmed, and a few weeks ago, the rumor of Taylor Swift’s appearance resurfaced. Anyway, Ryan Reynoldswho revealed official images a few hours ago, wanted to overcome rumors, leaks and spoilers with a little sarcasm.

Ryan Reynolds joins the party with leaked Deadpool 3 with crazy images

dead Pool It started with a leak, so I’m joining”Reynolds started on his official X profile (Twitter). “Please don’t overuse the expression ‘Deadpool’ Leaks because maybe you break search results if someone searches for leaks of ‘Dead Pool’revelations of ‘Dead Pool’ or maybe, spoons of ‘Dead Pool’. And he’s right. The film was the subject of enormous leaks by photographers, curious people and even anonymous sources from the filming, who gave precise details on what we could find in Marvel’s next adventure.

Ryan Reynolds knows, like very few others, how to manage public relations. The actor has his own production company, he chooses his projects well – Hollywood is competing for one of his films with Channing Tatum – and he maintains good relations with the community. In his post we observe how the voter adds several characters such as predator either Mickey Mouse, who is also seen sharing the stage in a somewhat ironic manner. In recent weeks we have seen how rumors surround Deadpool 3film directed by Shawn Levy and which will be released in theaters on July 26, 2024, becomes the tone.

Considering the fact that the production will deal with the multiverse, temporal unrest and the changes associated with it, it would not be surprising if the Marvel Studios production occasionally has a big ball saved in armor to surprise everyone with its release in rooms.

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