Agata’s fringes with Kordula on the sweater: the sisters showed luxurious silhouettes, they wouldn’t even get lost behind the bar

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OhThe opening party of SkyBar Casablanca at the President Hotel in Prague on Thursday evening attracted many stars – among the brightest were sisters Agáta Hanychová (38) and Kordula Stropnická, recently 18. As captured by photographers, they both relaxed during the evening and besides sipping drinks, they also started mixing them.

Agáta Hanychová received a pass from her lover Mirek Dopita, but she asked her sister Kordula Stropnická to “watch” , who became of age in September. And the girls, as expected, got down to business, as noted by the present editors.

Because it was an opening night at the bar, there was also an attraction in the form of mixed drinks . Agatha and Kordula took it on without fear – and it must be said that they were well adapted to it. Additionally, the mother of three in a brown jumpsuit had the opportunity to show off her divine figure.

Kordula proved that hookah, or shisha, is not a relic of previous generations, but a popular pastime even for today’s youth. daughter of actress Veronika Žilková and diplomat, actor and politician Martin Stropnický. With her sister, she had a great time and continued the party.

Žilková caused a sensation with a photo

Kordula’s mother took care of the hustle and bustle during the Advent season. Proud grandmother Veronika did not pay attention to the wishes of her former (almost) son-in-law Jaromír Soukup and Instagram she posted a charming photo with her beloved granddaughters. She took a photo under the Christmas tree with her eldest daughter Agáty Mia and little Rozárka. However, in doing so, she broke a key rule of Soukup, which does not agree to publicly share photos of her daughter.

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