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James Cameron Is Scripting A New Terminator Focused On Terror And AI Advances

The creator of the saga is preparing a reboot of his story of robots sent back in time to kill humans with a twist: he will use the latest advances in AI. ‘Terminator’ will return.

James Cameron is not resting. Director of Avatar: the sense of water either titanicit takes several years think about restarting terminator. Cameron has an idea for restart the saga after the huge failure of Terminator: Dark Fate, the latest film in the franchise in which robots sent back in time by Skynet strive to assassinate the supposed leader of the human resistance in the future. how ? Including advances in artificial intelligence these days.

James Cameron is clear on how to restart terminator: more terror and the AI ​​as a big protagonist

Cameron, who was dropped at the convention Dell Technologies World 2023you clearly know what should happen when restarting terminator and how your sci-fi horror story should be approached. If he manages to finish the screenplay he has been preparing for three months, and if it becomes a film – something that will take time to happen – it will deal with the evolution of AI and the dangers that it implied. “If I were to make another film of terminator and maybe try to revive this saga, which is under discussion, but nothing has been decided, would do a lot more about AI than bad robots running amok“, he came to affirm weeks ago on this subject. All this without betraying its cybernetic slasher origins and betting on the terror and approach of films such as Halloween.

I would talk a lot more about AI than bad robots running amok.

“The movies of Avatar They are about the environment, and this one will be about the AI.”, precise. And it is not without reason. The concept of a killer robot is tied to Skynet, the artificial intelligence that has become self-aware and set out to wipe out humanity, but it looks like James Cameron wants to give the concept a twist. The restart of terminator It’s on the table, it’s been in a drawer for several years, but nothing is decided. What we do know is that Arnold Schwarzenegger will cease to be the famous T-800 after years of sequels. “The saga isn’t over, but I am. I got the message loud and clear that the world wants to move on when it comes to Terminator. Somebody’s got to come up with a good idea,” the author concluded. ‘actor. . , which premiered its first series on Netflix yesterday.

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