Resident Evil: The Netflix series has a very low audience

Compared to other series like Castlevania or The Witcher, the new adaptation of Capcom games does not work. The first season is available on Netflix.

the series of resident Evil it’s not really a success. Even before the premiere, the fiction of the streaming giant was studied under the magnifying glass by lovers of the Capcom game saga, and with each project that tries to adapt the stories seen in the different console and PC installments, more s distorts the original vision of Umbrella, the T-virus and the characters that have accompanied us for years. The resident Evil by Netflix has one of the lowest audiences on record, with a total of 22% and 53% critical ratings. In this last area, it should be noted that everyone can vote.

Compared to other video game series, this Resident Evil is far from successful

As collected from Forbesand also from VGCother series like Castlevaniawhich responds to the same kind and nature of resident Evil, has an audience of 88% and has a critical score of 94%. A very high percentage compared to the history of Wesker and company. Other series like the witcher they have a 75% viewership and an 81% viewership. Not bad either, although less than an animated fiction.

The series premiered on July 14 on Netflix and its story is told through two temporary storylines.

For now the resident Evil from Netflix is ​​made up of a single season of eight episodes, and the story does not follow at all what the script of the video games would be, thus functioning as a loose adaptation that only borrows the names and the main elements of the games . He’s playing in a similar league to Paul WS Anderson in that sense and moving away from what we’ve seen recently with Johannes Roberts with Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (which did not disappoint us at all). In part which helps the series to afford licenses during the narration of its intriguesbut it seems that even so, audiences weren’t too happy with this new live-action.

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