Netflix would study the addition of advertisements in its games and the creation of a Premium subscription

Until now, they offered a catalog of games without microtransactions or advertising, but the company may change its mind in the future.

Netflix offers mobile games with a subscription to its video platform, and so far prides itself on doing so with “complete” games, without advertising or microtransactions. This may change in the future as the company is studying the possibility of adding advertisements and offering a Premium subscriptionthat they would eliminate them.

According to Wall Street Journal The board of directors is discussing the model to follow now that the catalog is growing: it will offer almost a hundred titles and the intention is to double that in the future. One option is to add ads to the lowest subscriptionswhereas a Premium subscription, with an additional cost, would eliminate them.

Among the next subscription games we find Hades, Monument Valley 1 and 2, Paper trail And Braid: anniversary edition, a version that improves the graphics of the indie classic. “Our goal is to have the most diverse catalog of games possibleboth in terms of genres and formats, because we believe that everyone can have fun playing if they discover a title (or several!) that they like,” Netflix said last year about its plans with this extra which seeks to differentiate the service from that offered by Disney+ or HBO.

In 2023, it refused to include advertisements

Even though the idea of ​​monetizing these games has always loomed over Netflix, last April, co-CEO Greg Peters sent a clear message against advertising in games, or at least, against specially designed games with microtransactions.

“We want to have a different gaming experience and part of that is giving creators the opportunity to think about create games solely with the player’s enjoyment in mind and don’t worry about monetization, whether it’s ads or in-game payments,” Peters clarified in 2023.

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