Claudia Schiffer (53) loves her cat Chip more than anything in the world and also loves taking her with her to meetings. On Wednesday, she brought the animal to the world premiere of the new spy thriller “Argyle.” The film was directed by her husband Matthew Vaughn, 52, and Chip stars. But she reaped the rewards for her red carpet appearance. Skipper Criticism.

Chip used

As the model walked the red carpet outside the Odeon cinema in Leicester Square in London on Wednesday, she carried her beloved pet in an Argyle cat carrier. The chip could be seen behind a plexiglass dome. While Claudia Schiffer smiled happily at the photographers’ cameras, some of her fans stopped laughing. “Poor cat,” write followers of her Instagram account. Or: “A cat is not a toy.”

Before the world premiere, a 53-year-old man also posted a video, in which you can see her wrapping up press day with her cat. In it, she poses with Chip in her arms, shows him in her backpack and allows numerous photographers to photograph him at the merchandise counter. “The cat needs to be anesthetized,” one fan commented. Someone else criticized: “The cat doesn’t look happy.”

She even took him to the TV studio

But Claudia Schiffer is obviously determined to make her baby a star. chip already has its own page on Instagramwhich constantly attracts more and more fans and currently has almost 14,000 subscribers.

There, the animal is presented as an author, entrepreneur, model and influencer. Chip was already in the spotlight with his cat mom in December when the duo attended The Jonathan Ross Show together. When the presenter hugged the cat, he meowed. Schiffer commented, “He can be grumpy.”


Claudia Schiffer’s cat will get a movie role – and a spot on a TV show

On the talk show, she also explained how the use of cats in the film Argyle came about: The original cat was terrible. “So my husband, Matthew, a director, asked if he could take my cat. “I said, ‘Why not,’ and here we are.” She also revealed that Chip might be seen again: “We’re currently working on a spin-off.”

Chip plays Alfie in the thriller, which hits theaters on February 2. Along with his owner and spy writer Ellie Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard, 42), he becomes the center of a shadowy underground group. (ae/spot)

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