Shopaholicadel is no longer alone: ​​she showed off her hotness and talks again about eternal love beyond the grave

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The strange TikToker Adéla Pulcová, known as Shopaholicadel, didn’t stay single for too long. Shortly after her dramatic breakup with her fiancé Jan Kulas, she proudly announced on social networks that she was in a relationship. Shopaholicadel posted a photo of her new boyfriend and declared her love for him with a heartbreaking text. Not only is she convinced that this time it will be forever, but she even warns the other girls to stay away from her next chosen one.

Shopaholicadel was planning to get married when suddenly a big turning point occurred. Tiktoker and his fiancé Jan Kulas announced their separation late last year. “I have already definitely decided that I cannot be with Ádia. If I came back, it would always be the same. It will be about her again. I pay for it, I live here. I’m already deep into my psychic powers. I just hope mom accepts my apology for the shame I’ve caused her across the country. I hope I can start a whole new life. I apologize to everyone. It’s final,” Kulas said on social media.

However, Adéla was not sad about the breakup for long. About a month and a half after the dramatic breakdown of their relationship, Shopaholicadel reports that she is happily married again. Finally, she says, she is sure that he is “the one”.

Shopaholicadel found a new love

Although the relationship is brand new, the TikToker made it known that she has never loved anyone as much as her current partner. Shopaholicadel is also sure that this time is forever. However, she spoke the same way earlier in Kulas’ case.

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“I don’t want you to shit on my boyfriend because he’s my family and I’m going to be with him even if you don’t like it. It’s my life and no one is going to shit on my life. I happen to have a very nice guy and I am happy and satisfied with him like never before in his life. I have never loved anyone in my life like I love them. You can try anything, but our relationship is so strong that we can last forever and we can do everything together, but I will defend my friend forever, he is a very kind and attentive guy, and most importantly, hardworking. she wrote under contribution in which she posted a photo of her new love.

You’re out of luck, girls, Shopaholicadel boasts.

The influencer suffering from bipolar disorder is bursting with happiness. “The way he treats my dog, how much the dog loves him, it’s amazing. The photo I posted on the stream isn’t pretty, but he really loves it here . I am proud to have such a kind man. Not all girls are lucky, he’s mine! And forever, I will be by his side and by his side through the best and the worst…” she added in the message.

However, this was not the first time that she showed her fans the mysterious guy, whose name Adéla has not yet published. She accidentally revealed her partner in one of her live streams on Tic Tac . However, according to fans, the new relationship is very questionable, and many fear that the allegedly ill TikToker has stumbled upon a scam or some kind of bet.

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