The new film ‘Karate Kid’ with Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan chooses its protagonist: Ben Wang

Sony already has its new big protagonist. The new film “Karate Kid”, starring Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan, will have Ben Wang as its new star.

The new movie Karate Kid Sony, which will star Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan, already has its main star. It will be Ben Wang, a Chinese-American actor, who would have triumphed over more than 10,000 candidates from around the world, during a titanic casting process. Directed by Jonathan Entwistle and written by Rob Lieber, it will be released in theaters on December 13, 2024, so filming will begin soon.

The new movie Karate Kid finds its main actor: Sony wants to relaunch the saga in cinema as Cobra Kai on the television

This new film will be a sequel that brings together the classic saga and the 2010 reboot, which worked as a redo from the first opus and which enjoyed great success in the cinema. Macchio will return to play Daniel LaRussowho starred in the original trilogy beginning in the legendary 1984 film and was the plot axis of the new Cobra Kai, A the comeback in the form of a delayed sequel on Netflix which will soon premiere its final season on the streaming portal. For its part, Chan will once again play Mr. Han, a kung fu master similar to Miyagi. who trained Dre Parker, played by Jaden Smith, in the 2010 film.

Ben Wang

But they would be nothing in the film without the actor selected to star in the new film. Karate Kid, Ben Wanga young artist who, as pointed out The Hollywood Reporter, has just debuted in the world of cinema and television. The actor started in 2021 by participating in productions such as Launchpad and sex appealbut this is the case of its role in American Chinesea comedy and action series available on Disney+ in which she managed to convince everyone, despite share the role with Oscar winners Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quanwas recently canceled.

Ben Wang’s audition was devastating and epic: he will be the new star of Karate Kid

American media say Wang gave an epic audition of great dramatic power. Among its characteristics, it should be noted that He speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and is physically a marvel, being an expert in martial arts. It remains to be seen when filming will begin, even if this new opus of Karate Kid will be released in theaters next December. The saga, since 1984, has become one of the most successful in cinema and television, earning more than $430 million at the box office worldwide and generating highly successful derivative products and merchandising among fandom. Will he repeat his success on the big screen?

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