Mark Ruffalo messes up again with Marvel and misses the movie in which he would return as Hulk

The actor who plays Bruce Banner in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has revealed when we’ll see Hulk on the big screen again.

Mark Ruffalo is an expert on accidental MCU information leaks. During one of the promotions for Phase 3, the actor who plays Hulk blurted this out in Avengers: Infinity War Many of the main characters died, which put him in a bind given that artists sign confidentiality contracts to keep project secrets under lock and key. Today, in another Q&A session at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Ruffalo would have messed up again by revealing when we will see Bruce Banner again in the cinemaeven if since Variety They claimed that it was all a misunderstanding and that the actor had not confirmed anything. But given Ruffalo’s history and what happened with Andrew Garfield and his participation in Spider-Man: No Way HomeEverything is possible.

Mark Ruffalo says he’ll return as Hulk in Captain America 4: Brave New World and that means he could take on Harrison Ford’s Red Hulk

Ruffalo once again put on a real spectacle online by insinuating that will be in Captain America 4 as Hulk after appearing on television in the series She-Hulk: She-Hulk Lawyer. This would mean we could see a hand-to-hand fight between Bruce Banner’s Hulk and Red Hulk who will be played by Harrison Ford. However, in the face of so many expectations, it seems that Variety He contacted the actor to clarify the situation. Apparently, it was a misunderstanding and Ruffalo didn’t mean that he would be in the new Captain America movie, but rather that he felt excited about the project. Now it’s up to everyone to think what they want, but there is a large part of the public who no longer believe in Ruffalo’s corrections after his blunders at Marvel.

Will we see Hulk take on Red Hulk in Captain America 4?

Captain America: Brave New World Its premiere is scheduled for February 14, 2025. after a tidal wave of delays at Marvel Studios due to the actors’ and writers’ strike in Hollywood. This year we will have what is considered “salvation” from the House of Ideas by Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman: Deadpool 3a film that recently released its first trailer, causing a stir and leaving a gift for future films. Secret Wars.

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