Kanye West controversially taunted near-naked Bianca at Super Bowl. The beauty’s chest fell out of the piercing

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It wouldn’t be Kanye West (46 years old) and Bianca Censori (29 years old) not to do something in society. At this year’s Super Bowl, the Australian model wore only a beige bodysuit that barely covered her breasts and barely covered her cleavage. However, neither partner is doing anything, and now Kanye has even decided to talk on his Instagram about why he constantly puts his wife on the Internet. “I will publish my wife as I please. If you don’t like it, leave the blood king alone,” the rapper didn’t take any napkins.

Rapper Kanye West likes to dress and show off his wife Bianca Censori in skimpy outfits that reveal a lot. This time he was no exception too and during the Super Bowl finale in Las Vegas he gave her a beige bra, from which Bianca’s breasts kept sticking out. This look was later released by Kanye alone Instagram three times at once, which seemed strange to people. However, the rapper came up with a solid explanation after a while.

“I just want to tell everyone that I intentionally put my wife on my profile three times. What I want to tell you is that I gave you the album and people keep talk about why I post my wife in the comments. Because it makes me happy. That’s why y’all are happy with my music, because I’m happy. Do you understand?’ explained Kanye, who also hinted at his recently released album Vultures. For several months before, fans were constantly writing to him in the comments when he would post something.

A harsh statement from the West

But that’s not all Kanye revealed in the video. “If you don’t like my profile and what I post, leave. Seriously, leave me, leave the damn king alone. I will post my wife as many times as I want. Go post your wife on your Instagram too,” added Kanye West.

Bianca and Kanye secretly married in December 2022, just one month after settling his divorce from influencer Kim Kardashian, 43. Since then, there has been speculation that Kanye is manipulating his new wife, constantly checking on her and telling her what to wear, as he writes. Daily Mail . Kanye even got Bianca banned from social media. “Bianca has always had social media and was active on it until her marriage to Kanye,” says one of Bianca’s friends who is worried about her.

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