They are suing Amazon for its Prime Video advertising project and claiming that it is a “deception for the consumer”.

Prime Video has shifted for years from promoting the platform as “ad-free” to charging to avoid ads on Amazon’s portal. Now, a consumer is suing the entity for “deception.”

Amazon It will start serving ads in the coming months unless we pay extra to prevent them from appearing in shows and streaming content. Following in the footsteps of other video-on-demand platforms, the entertainment giant wanted monetize in this way your catalog, but Users have reacted with various lawsuits and legal attacks which can complicate matters.

Prime Video to put advertising on its streaming service but users complain and take legal action

Amazon’s strategy represents a return to traditional television formats where advertising has always been a constant element despite the fact that the giant defended itself by asserting that the intentions, coherence and cadence of the spots would be very different. In the United States, the additional cost to remove ads on Prime Video is $2.99 ​​per month for Prime subscribers and $9 for exclusive Prime Video users, which is still pending in Spain and other countries. other territories. What we do know is that Amazon has clarified that the ads will have a very short duration, with only four minutes per hourbut this is, for many customers, a deception.

Although Disney+ or Netflix already have projects with advertisements and tasks in their subscriptions, it is Amazon that has been the subject of a lawsuit in this regard for what they consider to be misleading advertising. The basis for these customers is that, for years, Prime Video has presented itself as an “ad-free” platform. According to them, this new project goes against the approach with which they have been selling their service for years, an aspect that could be considered misleading advertising.

Users consider it misleading advertising: Amazon Prime Video was presented as a free service for years

Although this may seem exaggerated, The truth is that American legislation is very delicate in this regard., and this lawsuit could move forward and develop a legal framework that some platforms could have complications with in the future. Certain complications which seek, in a certain way, to alleviate the economic expenses of the original productions, which have resulted in massive layoffs and reductions. Amazon won’t be the last company to adhere to these policies, as HBO Max, when it moves to Max, will repeat the move.

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