They reveal the first and spectacular trailer for “Borderlands”, full of chaos and irreverent humor

The live action “Borderlands” is reminiscent of the team that formed “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Nearly a decade after its announcement, the film adaptation of the famous video game saga Borderlands is about to come to fruition and there is not much left for its release, since the date is set for August 9. Thanks to the trailer, the hype around this production is growing while some fans of the game are not entirely satisfied with the recreation of Pandora and the Vault Hunters.

In the trailer, Cate Blanchett is portrayed as the infamous outlaw Lilith from Borderlandsprepared for battle with a stunning red hairstyle and battle-ready outfit, very similar to Lilith from the video game. the film Follow this mermaid as she returns to the planet Pandora with a mission: recover treasure from a safeon a planet she herself describes as “a fiery disaster of a world.” Kevin Hart, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jack Black and Ariana Greenblatt complete the cast, immersing viewers in a journey full of adrenaline and dark humor characteristic of the franchise.

The images remind us of the team that the guardians of the galaxy from Marvel Studios directed by James Gunn, with action scenes set to the song “Do Ya” by Electric Light Orchestra, suggesting a mix of humor, adventure and action. TI’m Miller, known for dead Poolintervened to oversee re-recordings in early 2023 alongside Eli Roth.

The trailer shows how Roth and cinematographer Rogier Stoffers managed to approximate the distinctive saturated style of video games from Borderlands. Between eschatological jokesFrom well-known franchise characters like Mad Moxxi and scenes of Claptrap suffering from an explosive bout of robotic diarrhea, the series’ signature sense of humor seems to be present.

The film adaptation of the Gearbox Software video game series directed by Eli Roth (Green Hell And Hostel), Borderlandspromises to be an exciting sci-fi adventure blending action, humor and the game’s distinctive visual style.

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