GLOSSA: Bubák of the year Jaromír Soukup. His hateful faces would terrify any little child

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Surely everyone would like to meet him at midnight in an abandoned and poorly lit street… Jaromír Soukup (55) says he is fighting a fair fight with his ex Agáta Hanychová (38) and smiles in public like a middle man. But when he has no idea that someone is taking his picture, he behaves like the ultimate jerk. Hopefully his daughter doesn’t see him like that, she might start to fear him anyway.

Jaromír Soukup and his “kind faces”

Before I go to sleep today, I’m going to look under the bed to see if Jaromír Soukup is hiding there…

But in good condition. Many people think that the influencer Agáta Hanychová, although it is not obligatory, is an entrepreneur he takes revenge on the kid senselessly, like a disgraced guy who can’t stand August’s soccer shoes. After all, the fact that he ostentatiously addresses his ex as Mrs. Dopitová, according to many, could indicate that he still has not accepted his marriage in December.

Part of the public still considers the self-proclaimed presenter a nice guy, which may be due on the one hand to his acting style on Barrandov TV, when he looks like a friend from afar, and on the other hand to his laid. : he smiles like the sun in the photos.

He looks like a bugger and a peanut

But… Here and there he doesn’t know that someone is taking his picture, and then pictures are taken that he probably won’t put in an imaginary digital album.

Sure, we all have a bunch of photos where we look terrible, those I mean, but poor Soukup mostly looks like the embodiment of hatred .

They occurred mainly during the handing over of the girl between him and Agatha. His tantrum with his middle finger in the fall was already unforgettable, but this week he again showed looks so brutal that look at me like that, I’d rather burn it on purpose in the nearest pillar .

Why does he feel so bad?

In many discussions the argument appears that Agáta can certainly provoke him, provoke him, that she knows his weak points and thus manages to annoy him to the point of madness.

It’s a mystery to me how she was able to get by with a completely balanced, psychologically resilient, completely cool man six months after the breakup. Doesn’t Jaromír have a new wife? Is this really comparable to football boot humiliation? After all, this happened a long time ago.

Perhaps I am not surprised by the suggestion of a psychotherapist who thinks that Soukup should be examined by a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Just to be sure, if he’s okay with having a little baby in his care on a regular basis.

And it was the love story… Video with Agáta and Jaromír:

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Above all, don’t scare your daughter

Let’s just hope he doesn’t throw similar faces at his daughter Rozárka at home, in private. Certainly not on purpose he loves this child unconditionally (although he should then think twice before hurting her with a war with her mother), but he could be wrong. And the poor little girl could have trauma…

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