On February 28, the daughter of teledoctor Dr. John Wimmer and his wife Clara were four years old. However, in November 2020, little Maximilia died of cancer at the age of nine months. Wimmer shared some very emotional lines on Instagram on the occasion of the special anniversary and posted a photo of his “little Maxi”.

Johannes Wimmer: “My greatest wish was to have a hot air balloon”

In his post, the 40-year-old talks about a dream he had as a child shortly after his father died: “My mother woke me and my siblings up. She dressed us in our Sunday best, which for me was stripes. sailor suit,” Wimmer begins. Later the phone rang. “There was a voice telling my mother that the time had come and it was time for us to go outside.” In the garden he realized that today was his birthday.

“The special gift that day was to have my late father standing on the lawn for me with a balloon. My biggest wish was to have a hot air balloon. There was nothing more satisfying to me than a bright red helium-filled balloon floating around the house.” At some point, the balloon escaped from his hands. “I will never forget this feeling, how what you fell in love with so incredibly suddenly ceases to be tangible and, swaying in the wind, inexorably moves away from you,” Wimmer ends his story about the dream.

“Today Clara and I are going to buy a birthday balloon for our little Maxi, who would have turned four today.”

John Wimmer

Wimmer’s daughter “Maxie” died of cancer at the end of 2020.

Now he and his wife are planning to buy a balloon for the birthday of their late daughter Maxie, the 40-year-old continues. Her little sister, born in August 2021, will then play with the balloon – “make it dance and run around the apartment with it.” The balloon should fly everywhere, including outside, Wimmer continued. “And I know that at some point this balloon will inadvertently rise too. As it gets smaller and smaller, we will watch it fly and for a moment we will build a little bridge between us down here and our beloved daughter up there.”

Wimmera’s daughter suffered from an aggressive brain tumor that was diagnosed in August 2020. The Hamburg TV doctor spoke openly about the disease and repeatedly expressed private opinions on social networks and television shows.

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