The Ordinac star’s shocking decision. The beautiful Andrea Růžičková retired from cinema at 39

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She was among the most beautiful Slovak actresses appearing on Czech television screens. However, the star of the hit series Vyprávej Andrea Růžičková (formerly Kerestešová) gave up acting after giving birth to her sons and revealed in an interview for that she did not regret her decision at all.

Family comes first

Actress Andrea Růžičková, who became famous under her maiden name Kerestešová thanks to the popular TV series Vyprávej and Ordinace v rozá žárdena 2, he no longer devotes certain Fridays to his profession. His priorities were forever changed by the arrival of sons Tobias and Jáchym..

Alongside her husband Mikoláš Růžička, the beautiful Andrea also appeared on the red carpet of the Czech-Slovak Ball. “I haven’t shot anything in a long time and I don’t miss it” she told the website Slovak. “I am no longer accepting offers, I want to devote myself as much as possible to my family and photography”, she added.

She rethought life

Many actresses view their profession as something they cannot live without, even after starting a family. But in the end, Andrea put her children first. Even if she has definitely disappeared from television screens, but rock fans can still see it on Instagram where he is active.

Occasionally he also shows up at some social events, although this is also very sporadic. She may have reevaluated her life direction also due to the fact that she lost a baby, which she had to deal with for a long time. “Then I had a period where I knew it was in my head, that I wasn’t internally reconciled to it, and I went to San Diego for six months, in a completely foreign country, and it left me helped a lot.” the former star of the series revealed to

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