Heated weigh-ins in the Octagon: rivals were tough on each other, and coaches also joined in the fights. Security had to intervene

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Octagon 54 is here! Already today, Ostrava will see not only the title fight between Patrik Kincl and Piotr Wawrzyniak, but also the opening fights of the prestigious Tipsport Gamechanger pyramid. And that fans will be treated to a spicy spectacle in the form of attractive and ruthless duels, this is already clear from Friday’s press conference, at which the eXtra.cz editorial team was also present. Fierce fights and provocative words – this will have a difficult continuation in the cage.

Title fight Kincl vs. Wawrzyniak and the opening duels of the Tipsport Gamechanger Million Pyramid. Combat sports fans will be treated to an engaging spectacle this weekend. Tland giant Octagon driven by promoters Ondrej Novotny And By Pavel Neruda with will appear today in Ostrava and promises fans a show that the toughest city in the republic deserves. And the fact that there is a lot to look forward to was clearly demonstrated by the official press conference on Friday and the public assessment of the wrestlers, in which the editorial staff of eXtra.cz also participated.

Weight stress and heated pre-match fights

This time, a number of wrestlers were struggling with weight issues. One of those who didn’t speak was Slovakian darling Rony Paradeiser (during the morning weigh-in, he weighed 72 kg and he was given 2 hours to weigh 70.8 kg, which he did not do, so he will lose a percentage of his salary, editor’s note.) or Mateusz Legierski, who weighed 71.5 kg and received the same conditions. However, fans will not miss their matches due to the lack of weight.

He was also worried about the scale current champion Patrik Kincl, who is currently awaiting his third defense in Ostrava. In the end, the worries were unnecessary, it weighed without problem. “I’ve already felt better in my life, but it will be even better tomorrow. I can’t say how it will end, but he’s a good wrestler so it will be interesting for both of them. Be there and clap like he must”, he declared after the official weigh-in in the morning, before returning in the afternoon in a better mood. And even if the entire fifty-fourth gala evening is dominated by the fight for the title between Kincl and By Piotr Wawrzyniak, other people were more concerned with the uproar at the press conference. There were heated verbal and physical shootouts.

Heated exchanges of fire over the Oktagon 54 press release

The situation at the press office has worsened between the actors A game changer By Sahil Siraj and Akonn Wanliss. Things had already heated up between the rivals in the morning, after defiant Wanliss arrived at the official weigh-in with a Star Wars sword. It was this movement and the fact that Wanliss waved a plastic toy in his opponent’s face that the two Roosters then called out to each other during the press conference, until finally Siraj’s coach burst in stage to forcefully teach the Englishman respect.. After a while, the organizers took him away.

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After the press conference ended, there was reportedly another skirmish in which Wanliss again played a major role – this was probably to settle differences with Siraj’s coach. Wanliss ended up being doused with water after another verbal exchange, as you can see in the gallery. It all happened very quickly, and even the Octagon executives have yet to confirm what exactly happened.

There was also a heated atmosphere between the duo of Radek Roušal and Luke Neale. From the morning, Roušal looked lively and literally transfixed his opponent with his gaze. The afternoon session, which was already attended by the media and spectators, did not even take place due to the ambient animosity. Instead, a fight broke out, which was quickly broken up by security. You can see what this intense media day looked like in the gallery.

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