Fear for Jan Potměšil: acute heart operation and drastic weight loss

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Actor Jan Potměšil (57) has changed beyond recognition. A round belly and a full face are already a thing of the past. The representative of Jíra from the fairy tale About Princess Jasněnka and the Flying Shoemaker lost a lot of weight. They are responsible for the health problems that led him to end up in the hospital. The information was reported by the newspaper Aha!

Jan Potměšil gets a lot of work out of life. He had to go to the hospital for a serious heart operation. When the actor appeared in the company after a long time, it was impossible not to notice that he was very thin.

“Towards the end of last year he had heart problems and ended up at IKEM. He is now recovering and slowly returning to work.” said his wife Radka Potměšilová newspaper Aha! . Jan Potměšil then appeared at an exhibition at the Prague Botanical Garden, of which he was the patron with his friend Ráchel Skleničková.

But it seems that his state of health is returning to normal. Although he still has a few tests ahead of him, according to his wife, everything is on track.

The actor has been in a wheelchair for years

Fate was not really kind to Jan Potměšil. During the Velvet Revolution of 1989, when actors and students came from Prague to debate with people from other regions, he suffered a serious accident on the way back from Ostrava to Prague, which left him grounded in a wheelchair. “She stopped the cars and their drivers helped our crew. They asked them how many of us there were, they said there were four of us, but they only took three people out of the car. The fourth was me. After a while, they found me. I was lying under the car that took me trapped, ” Jan Potměšil recalled for nasepraha.cz .

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