Fashion icon Iris Apfel has died. The extravagantly bespectacled legend became famous for decorating the White House

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The fashion world is crying. Global icon Iris Apfel is gone forever. Thanks to her special talent in the field of design, she became famous as the decorator of the White House, which she rebuilt for a total of nine presidents. She died Friday at her home in Palm Beach, Florida. She lived to the respectable age of 102. News of his death appeared on his social networks.

Fashion icon Iris Apfel is dead. She was a prominent figure in New York society, designer of clothing and interiors. She became famous mainly for taking the socks off the fashion world and creating incredible, downright bohemian designs, mixing vintage hippie and haute couture. (tailor-made clothing, often using precious stones and the most luxurious fabrics, ed. note). She was mainly inspired by flea markets, the website says. The New York Times .

The fashion designer, who was in charge of the interior decoration of the White House, breathed her last on Friday at her home in Florida.
“Iris Barrel Apfel. August 29, 1921 – March 1, 2024,”
it’s written on her

Iris Apfel loved big accessories, jazz and her work. She seized every opportunity that came her way. From prestigious art exhibitions to magazine covers. She even had her own Barbie doll. “I give my all, I’m very passionate about what I do. I give my heart and soul to things and it nourishes me. I work until I can’t anymore.” » declared Iris Apfel for CNN in 2018.

Her husband, Carl Apfel, died in 2015 at the age of 101. His wife survived him by a year. “He was a very generous and funny man” Iris Apfel spoke about her man for Vanity Fair.

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