She wrote in disbelief about the time that had already passed: “30!!!??????!!??????!!!! It happened quickly. Words can never truly describe the beauty you hold. Birthday love. The love of my life, for life.”

In photos and videos they can be seen on vacation, at a wedding, kissing… Also included is a birthday cake and a photo of Bieber as a child. However, in the comments, things are less romantic. There, followers are outraged with the words: “Please, please stop pretending, we are all so tired of your drama.” The comment likely refers to rumors of an alleged marital crisis.

Rumors of a marital crisis among the Biebers

Hailey’s own father, Stephen Baldwin, 57, recently added fuel to the fire with a cryptic Instagram story. He asked his followers to pray for the couple. TMZ then claims to have learned this from sources close to the Biebers.that Hayley was angry with her father because of this story. Accordingly, the couple is now going through a “private family affair” where they do not need public attention.

Despite negative comments, public displays of affection are a tradition for them. On our fifth wedding anniversary last September Bieber also posted a carousel of photos of the couple. with some of the same photos as his wife. He wrote: “You have won my heart. I know from the depths of my soul that this journey with you will exceed our wildest expectations. So let’s keep dreaming big, baby. Hail eternity. I love you with every fiber of my being.” “

Wedding in a few months

In fact, the Biebers have been rushing their love since their return: They were first a couple briefly in late 2015 and got back together in June 2018. The engagement followed just a month later, and in November of the same year it was announced that they were already married. A year later a large wedding celebration followed. (mia/spot)
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