Tadeáš Kuběnka is furious: because of the refusal of marriage for all, he attacked Okamura. He did not spare the vulgarities

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The long-running debate over equal marriage is over. On Wednesday, the Chamber of Deputies did not support the marriage of same-sex couples, which sparked many contradictory reactions. A well-known influencer, member of the LGBT community, Tadeáš Kuběnka, also publicly commented on the controversial decision. He did not spare strong criticism on his social networks, which he also addressed to the president of the SPD, Tomio Okamura.

On Wednesday February 28, the House of Representatives voted for the marriage of same-sex couples. Ultimately, MPs decided that couples would no longer be able to marry, but would form a partnership with most of the rights of spouses. But the restriction concerns the rights of children.

Only partnership, and not marriage, was decided by the deputies

Finally, the proposal of MPs Jiří Navrátil (KDU-ČSL) and Helena Válková (ANO) was adopted, which introduces a partnership with rights for same-sex couples, almost as for married couples, but the law does not allow them not to adopt, but only allows so-called adoption, that is, the adoption of one’s partner’s biological offspring, as they state List of messages . The Lower House approved the modified amendment by 123 votes out of the 176 deputies present. 36 members of the House of Representatives were against.And while some see the move as a first step toward full freedom for people with a different orientation, others have drawn sharp criticism. The disapproval of equal marriage has outraged many people. One of them is me influencer Tadeáš Kuběnkamember of the LGBT community. He reacted publicly to the decision on his Instagram and definitely didn’t grab any towels. “Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I’m going to die somewhere in hell, but I can have a family and live a happy and good life. Regardless, I can’t adopt my children because people like Tomio Okamura crushed it and spread shit between people and then it happens like this,” Tadeáš began in an uncompromising reaction.

He suddenly launched himself at Okamura

“I hope everyone who voted against it dies. I don’t wish death on anyone, but I wish death on these people. Why would you forbid someone from loving? And the name of the partnership? Do you know who the partner is? For example, Denisa is my business partner. I won’t tell someone I love that they’re my partner. He is my husband” Tadeáš continued his stories.

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“I would really kick these people’s ass if they are not able to respect the masses just because they have different sexual preferences than you,” he added, once again turning his attention to the President of the SPD, Tomio Okamura. “Fuck Tomio Okamura, I’ve hated him since I was 14,” he concluded. Okamura has long held that only a man and a woman can enter into marriage, and part of the SPD does not even hide its medieval views that homosexuality is a disease.

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