Marianne Hartl stated that the release date was an accidental and at the same time special birthday gift for her husband, who celebrated his 75th birthday on March 18. The folk music duo wants to incorporate personal experiences and experiences from their 50 years together into their material; for example, how Michael Hartle managed to get back on his feet and perform on stage by changing his lifestyle after a stroke two years ago.

First edition with a circulation of 100,000 copies.

The magazine, with an initial circulation of 100 thousand copies, will be published several times, a representative of the publishing house said. And regarding the ongoing farewell tour: “The fans won’t have to do without Marianne and Michael.”

The farewell tour was supposed to end at the end of April. But there will certainly be an encore, as Marianne Hartl announced. “There were a lot of requests from fans.” And: “The tour is going so well.” Further performances are due in October and November, probably especially in Bavaria and Hesse. A long career has become a dream come true, which has now culminated in a tour. “You can actually be completely happy and content and then say, that’s it.”

However, they have another offer for their fans: they want to take their followers with them for two days in September to the mountains near Fieberbrunn in Austria, where they like to holiday themselves. He will probably go to the Jacob’s Cross at the top of Buchensteinwand, the pilgrimage route “Way of St. James” leads through the valley.
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