Zdeněk Godla, defaulter in debt: three million are suspended and he has finally understood how to behave

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The almost notorious defaulter Zdeněk Godla (48) obtained a surprising pardon from the courts and, despite not entirely exemplary repayment of debts and non-compliance with court decisions, he was given another chance to recover. find themselves in a situation of insolvency, where debts are only partially paid. According to the new documents from the insolvency register, it appears that, despite initial ignorance, Godl and his wife are now abandoning Latin. The current amount of their debts or the amount they owe to Nova has been indicated.

Zdeněk Godla: An improved sinner?

A few days ago, the famous Zdenek Godla and his wife Jana were scheduled to meet with the insolvency administrator to approve or contest the registered claims. Finally, they nodded to all of the total debt, which already amounts to three million .

But the most surprising thing is that according to the document insolvency register that the editors of eXtra.cz have studied, the couple came to the meeting this time . So far in the previous insolvency, as we have regularly reported, they made a fool of themselves in all orderly negotiations, ignored them, didn’t pay what they owed, and then wondered why their initial debt relief had been canceled.

Godla again poured ashes on his head during the meeting and promised to be obedient. And he and his wife assured everyone that this time they understood their duties and would respect them.

They only repay a few percent of debts

The insolvency practitioner later said she would not set a fixed regular payment for the couple, on the grounds that Godla only has $25,000 in payment from a certain company , while TV Nova’s second income comes differently. According to information from the meeting, he would bring an amateur actor sixteen thousand crowns for the day of filming of the series Ordinace v rozágádena. But it’s a shame he doesn’t get more than one or two a month.

According to preliminary calculations spouses repay a maximum of between four and eight percent of their debts they probably can’t handle more.

Zdeněk Godla on filming Bastards:

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As we previously reported, Godl didn’t like people talking about his debts and had a “breakdown” in the fall when he announced he was leaving show business immediately and returning to work. . But then some people reminded him of his agreed obligations and it is possible that Godla realized that he would not be able to get such a large sum of money elsewhere, so he dutifully returned to filming.

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