Hoffman, who again voices Master Shifu in the fourth installment of the animated series, held one grandson in each hand and smiled as he stood next to his wife. He has been married to businesswoman Lisa since October 1980, and the couple have four children: Jake (42), Rebecca (40), Max (39) and Alexandra (36). The two-time Oscar winner also has daughters Jenna, 53, and Karina, 58, with ex-wife Anne Byrne, 80. Hoffman was married from 1969 to 1980. The family has several grandchildren. In a 2006 interview, he already said that he enjoys being a grandfather and spending time with his grandchildren.

Now he was enjoying the trip together to the premiere party. All four posed casually on the red carpet. Hoffman chose a blue jacket, his wife a black pantsuit. One of the boys was also dressed in dark colors, the other in a blue denim jacket and light trousers. With their blonde, curly heads, they were a welcome photo opp on the red carpet.

The actor considers family and marriage “complicated”

The Hoffman couple do not often appear together in public. In December, they were seen together in the audience at a Lakers game. The actor took to the stands wearing a blue shirt and a black windbreaker coat, while his wife wore a gray coat-jacket over a black turtleneck.

Although Hoffman’s marriage to his wife lasted more than four decades and he is the father of six children, the actor said back in 2011: “There is nothing more unnatural than family or marriage. That’s why both are so difficult.” As you can now see, he still succeeded. (ae/spot)
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