Apple has no plans to release Napoleon Director’s Cut

Ridley Scott worked on a four-hour-plus version that was planned for streaming, but it has now been revealed that the platform has no plans to release it just yet.

The director Ridley Scott had assured that in addition to the version released in theaters, his film Napoleon would have a director which would last approximately four and a half hours.

However, now since Coil World They reported that upon consulting with Apple, which is the platform that owns the rights to the film, they were told that there were currently “no plans” to release this version.

Napoleon was released last year to mixed critical reception and grossed just over $220 million. He had three Oscar nominations, but did not win any statuettes. The film was released on Apple TV+ on March 1.

The wait for a Director’s Cut lies in the usual trend that Ridley Scott himself continues, since he has released a large number of revisions of his own films.

The most famous is the epic drama “Kingdom of Heaven”, the director of which has always been considered the definitive version of the film starring Orlando Bloom. In fact, this cut has all the accolades that the theatrically released version didn’t have.

The director’s cut of “Kingdom of Heaven” was an hour longer than the film version, while Napoleon was supposed to be about 1 1/2 hours longer than what was seen on the big screen.

Source: Latercera


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