Tennis legend Lukáš Rosol hangs his racket on a nail: twenty-one seasons were enough, according to him

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Famous Czech tennis player Lukáš Rosol (38), who beat tennis legend Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon in 2012, spoke about the imminent end of his career. Although he has not officially announced his retirement, he may have first addressed this topic in the Centrkurt podcast.

Is he about to retire?

At thirty-eight years old, tennis player Lukáš Rosol is one of the best players in Czech and world sport. Now, albeit unofficially, he has spoken for the first time about his plans related to the end of his star career. “Twenty-one seasons are enough, it’s time to move on” said Lukáš openly in the podcast Centrkurt .

In 2012, Lukáš, as the 100th player in the Wimbledon rankings, celebrated incredible success by defeating tennis legend Rafael Nadal. A friendly and independent athlete Instagram from time to time he also brags about his own cute sonhe also recalled the most difficult moments of his career.

He also spoke of differences with Ivo Kaderka, the president of the tennis association, who did not exactly speak kind words to him. “He told me: you don’t even cut yourself anymore.” it was cited by the multiple ATP tournament winner and two-time Davis Cup holder, who was even judged with Kaderka at one point.

He considered leaving

Because of the dispute, he even wanted to hang the rocket on a nail in the Czech Republic. “To tell the truth, after Kaderky I was determined at one point to leave the Czech Republic and play tennis elsewhere. I had offers,” admitted Rosol, who, in his words, welcomes the rebirth process and would like to be part of it in the future.

“Murray’s shoulder?” Was the bottle dropped on Nadal? I always tried to keep my head high and not disrespect on the pitch. Nobody blamed me either. » said Lukáš Rosol about the path he has always followed in sport. “Even though I didn’t really have the game in my hands, I tried to get back into it somehow. I’m going to tie my shoelaces. I’m going to ask about the score. I I’m going to have a medical exam”, added the tennis player with a smile.

Rosol also became famous in the Czech Republic thanks to his relationship with presenter Michaela Ochotská, with whom he has a son André. The breakup was more than stormy.

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