The survivor collapses for Novotný: Bína resigned voluntarily, firefighter Filip deliberately went through the duel

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The harsh reality TV show Survivor has once again been darkened. Much to the dismay of Ondřej Novotný, the famous disease also affected the Hunter tribe. Coach Jakub Bína voluntarily resigned from the match. He was followed by firefighter Filip Křížek who, out of desire for his family, gave up fighting altogether.

Another departure

It turns out yes “celebrity disease” dropping duels and leaving Survivor also affected the unbreakable Hunter tribe. Not only firefighter Filip Křížek, but also fitness trainer and musician Jakub Bína, who has suffered from health problems for a long time, have been homesick for a long time.

He also spoke about tricks with the ear in front of moderator Ondřej Novotný. “It’s probably no secret that I have big problems with my ear and it’s reached the stage where I can’t hear well anymore, there’s a constant ringing in this ear… I thought that I could manage it somehow, but in truth, Ondra, it even breaks my psyche, “ Jakub Bína was admitted to Novotny.

“I can’t play all the games because there’s water everywhere. We live near water, and if someone forbids you from contact with water, it’s almost impossible. “ » explained the muscular and tattooed man, who almost had tears in his eyes as he spoke. “So I’m going home one hundred percent today. There’s no point in prolonging it, because I have nothing to do here. I’m terribly sorry to the tribe and you can’t imagine how sorry I am.” shocked Novotný Bín by saying that he is firmly determined that his journey as a survivor will end tonight.

It was noted on Ondřej that he was rather unpleasantly surprised by the withdrawal of another well-known personality from the game. “Kubo, if you tell me that, then I don’t need to see you in a duel, you wouldn’t be playing there. Take your torch and follow me.” » he replied to Bin, who then extinguished his torch forever.

He settled the dispute

Before leaving the desert island of the Dominican Republic for good, Jakub Bína also sent a message to Radek Polomík, whom he allegedly harassed at primary school. “Radku, what we are, we are. Play like the lion king”, he said to the red-haired Titan tribe.

Radek immediately responded to his words. “I will just add that I am very happy for Survivor, to have been able to reconnect with Kuba on other sites. When I learned that he had a health problem, I was very sorry. On the one hand , it’s great for the game, but personally hurt”, Radek replied to Jakub, saying that he hoped that one day they would face each other as rivals or allies.

Survivor’s Big Fight with Jack:

In the fight for survival in the game, where he was supposed to go with Křížek Bína and one of the hunters chosen by Bandurk, Jack and Mikýř, who appeared in the duel for the second time during his stay in Survivor, himself stood next to Filip. . Considering that Filip had long wanted to return home to his wife and child, it was obvious that he had put nothing into the fight and had purposely ruined it and simply dropped out of the competition. “Ondra, I won’t make anything up here, you know that. I won’t lie to your face, because I respect you, I’m sorry, but at the same time, there is no other way.” he commented on his actions and in his mind he already saw himself at home with his family.

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