Elena Selenskaya graced the digital cover of Vogue. Journalist Rachel Donadio met with the first lady of Ukraine for an international fashion magazine for two talks in a country hit by Russian aggression. Star photographer Annie Leibovitz portrayed Selenskaya for the cover.

In another picture, the First Lady holds hands with her husband, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. “To be on the cover of Vogue magazine is a great honor and a dream for many successful and prominent people in the world,” Selenska wrote about the Instagram photo. She wished them all not to get into the war in their countries. The First Lady wished that every Ukrainian woman should now be there in her place, saying that they are “the face and cover of our country.”

Elena Selenskaya: “We are waiting for victory”

In a related article titled “Portrait of Courage” Selenskaya talks about this in Vogue, among other things.that the last few months are “the worst […] my life”, as well as the lives of all Ukrainians. “Honestly, I don’t think anyone understands how we managed to endure it emotionally.” Her compatriots inspired the first lady: “We look forward to winning. We have no doubt that we will win. And that’s what drives us.”

In a conversation with President Selensky, he stressed that he could be a role model “for part of our people.” “But my wife who stayed here is a role model for women and children. I believe that she plays a very important role for Ukraine, for our families and for our women.”

“Of course, she is my great love,” Selensky said of his wife, with whom he has two children. She is also “actually my best friend. She is also a patriot and loves Ukraine very much. This is true. And she’s a wonderful mother.”

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Selenskaya: “I like to stay in the shadows”

Selenska never wanted to be in the foreground. “I like to stay in the background — that was fine with me,” she explains to Vogue. “Stepping into the spotlight was quite difficult for me.” But she tries her best. “We lived a happy life and never thought something like this would happen. But we have hope,” Selenska explains. She still feels isolated. “I can’t go anywhere I want in freedom” and even a simple purchase is “a dream that can’t be realized.”
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