Peter Maffei’s son Yaris wants to follow his father. So far, the rock singer has kept his son in the shadows. Now that’s over, because Yaris wants to make music himself. “My goal is to make a living as a musician. My father has always been my role model in rock and roll.” says the 18-year-old Bild newspaper.

The Yaris plan is by no means a thorn in Maffei’s side. On the contrary: “The Yaris is already old enough and should shape his own life. I can give advice, but what he makes of it is up to him.”

Peter Maffei: Yaris can decide what he wants

The son of Maffei and his ex-wife Tanya is interested not only in music. Sports are also very important to him. In his free time, he practices judo and boxing, among other things. Yaris also has a soft spot for tattoos and fashion. “Here, too, Yaris can decide for himself what he wants. I just advised him to think carefully in advance what kind of tattoo he wants. to himself,” says the new jury member of the “Voice of Germany”.

Yaris is delighted with his father’s “motorcycle style”. It happens that a budding musician rummages through his father’s closet and picks up a pair of leather jackets. “Yaris is almost ten centimeters taller than me, many of my things don’t fit him, so I don’t need to be so careful,” Maffei said calmly.

Voice of Germany

Peter Maffei joins as coach

Yaris: from Mallorca to Lake Starnberg

Until recently, Yaris lived with his mother Tanya in Mallorca. In September, he moved in with his father on Lake Starnberg. The translator of The Sun in the Night lives there with his partner Hendrickje Balsmeyer and daughter Anouk. From 18 August, the iconic rocker will be on the ProSieben jury for The Voice of Germany.

August 30, Peter Maffei will be 73 years old. “I wish that people close to me, my sweet daughter, who is three and a half years old, my prosperous son Yaris, my partner and my friends, go through this time healthy,” he wishes in an interview with the news. news agency.
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