Riverdale actress has to choose between two parallel realities in new Netflix movie

This August, the Netflix released the movie What Would It Be If…?which features the actress from riverdale, Lili Reinhart, in the lead role. She understands now what is going on in the story.

The film tells the story of Natalie, a girl recently graduated from university who is torn between two parallel realities: in one of them, she becomes pregnant and continues her life living in the city where she was born.

In the second reality, she moves to another city and lives a completely different life. It all happens when Natalie has a sexual relationship with one of her best friends, Gabe, and ends up feeling sick the night of her graduation.

So she decides to take a pregnancy test in the bathroom of the party, accompanied by her best friend. Natalie knows the test results could change her life forever.

From there, the film is divided into two parts: in one, the protagonist is not pregnant and moves with her friend to Los Angeles in order to work with graphic animation and make her dreams come true.

Lili Reinhart in trailer for What Would If…? (Reproduction)

In the other, as mentioned above, she finds herself pregnant and stays in Texas, with her parents and Gabe, the baby’s father.

The film’s cast also includes Danny Ramirez as Gabe, Aisha Dee as Cara, Jaden Tolliver as Partier, Luke Wilson as Rick, Andrea Savage as Tina, David Corenswet as Jake, Nia Long as Lucy, Elisa Annette as Shay, Sahara Ale as Eliza, and Amanda Knapic as Miranda.

Wanuri Kahiu will direct the film, while April Prosser will write the script. The producing team consists of Jessica Malanaphy, Eric Newman, Lili Reinhart, Alyssa Rodrigues, and Bryan Unkeless.

What Would It Be If…? is now available on Netflix.

Riverdale’s Ending Was A Surprise Even For The Show’s Creator

Director Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revealed in a recent interview that even he himself was shocked by what is slated for the finale of Riverdale’s seventh season.

“We have a few more episodes to air, so I’m really excited about Season 7. And while it’s not what I originally envisioned, it’s pretty perfect. I’m very excited. But I’m not going to lie, I had an idea of ​​where it was going to end up and we were heading in that direction, but as we were wrapping up Season 6 and talking about Season 7, a new idea came in and we’re really excited,” he said.

Source: Epipoca


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