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Do your gums bleed? This is why and this is how you can fix it

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Almost all of us have bleeding gums ever, since it is a very frequent reality. Specific, eight out of ten adultsover 35 years of age, have a disease that affects their gums, according to the latest data available to us in Spain.

However, bleeding gums have a reason. Olalla Argibayvowel of the Spanish Society of Periodontics (SEPA)explains that bleeding means that our gums are not healthy and that the accumulation of plaque around the teeth causes the gum to become inflamed and, in more serious cases, to become destroy the supporting tissues of the teeth.

In addition, Argibay indicates the diseases to which bleeding can be associated. “Mainly there are two types: the gingivitis, which is a reversible inflammation limited only to the gum; and the periodontitisin which, in addition to inflammation of the gums, there is irreversible destruction of the tooth-supporting tissues, which can end up causing tooth loss if treated,” he explains.

Stress and pregnancy influence the appearance of bleeding gums

On the other hand, he states that one of the factors that can cause bleeding gums is stress. “Today we know that stress varies the response of our defense system against bacterial attacks. Periodontitis is the result of complex interactions between the bacteria of the bacterial plaque and the inflammatory immune response, hence the important relationship “, he points out.

In the same way, he points out that bleeding gums can be very recurrent during the pregnancy due to the increased hormonal changeswhich are capable of causing an increase in gingival inflammation “and, therefore, bleeding.”

In fact, the periodontist goes further and encourages a pre-pregnancy checkupsince these inflammatory diseases can affect its results, leading to a premature delivery or with a lower weight of the baby than it should.

How to avoid bleeding gums

Argibay recommends going to the dentist at least once a year to have check-ups, although he adds that, in case of presenting symptoms, it is best to come as soon as possible since you could be suffering from a disease. Then, “early diagnosis allows treatments to be more effective”.

Logically, we must also do our part to prevent this type of disease. In this sense, the expert stresses that it is necessary to brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice dailyalso looking at the separations between the teeth.

More specifically, Argibay gives four points to keep our gums healthy: good oral hygiene, thorough professional cleaning, surgeries in the most affected areas and periodontal maintenance therapy to prevent relapse.

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