A door to hope: an antibody could detect and neutralize persistent covid

Thousands of people are victims of the persistent covid, the great forgotten for many. The good news is that a study could end this disease. A small biotechnology company in Bilbao has discovered that the main cause of persistent covid is a type of molecule that alters our immune system.

Following the finding, the researchers are designing an antibody that would neutralize it. This fact means that persistent covid can even be detected with a simple test. Thanks to its detection, it might be possible to completely neutralize it.

According to these investigations, the main cause of persistent covid is a peptide, a type of molecule It alters our immune system. These researchers are designing a nanobodie, an antibody smaller than usual in size, which would neutralize that attacking peptide. If these theories are confirmed, a simple test could identify people with persistent covid.

Common symptoms of the disease

We can classify, in general, in three groupsa people who suffer from this disease. The first of these three groups integrates the patients with neurological symptomssuch as brain fog, depression, fatigue, loss of smell, headache, or delusions. These symptoms being more common in people affected by the Alpha or Delta variant.

The second group is associated with patients with cardiorespiratory symptoms mainly associated with the original strain of the coronavirus, and also in non-immunized people. This reflects lung damage such as chest pain and dyspnea. Finally, the third group consists of patients with signs present in all variantswhere inflammatory, systemic, abdominal and myalgia problems are distinguished.

US experts say that rest is key

If a person gets the coronavirus, “rest is incredibly important so that your body and your immune system have a chance to fight the acute infection,” said Dr. Janna Friedly, a specialist in post-Covid rehabilitation at the University of Washington. “People are struggling and thinking that it will go away in a few days and they will get better, and that really doesn’t work with covid.” Friedly said many of the long-covid patients he sees are women who rushed to get back on track as soon as possible.

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