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Sitting for 6 hours a day can drastically shorten life expectancy

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It is known as ‘sitting‘ the fact of sitting for many hours without moving. Doing this can be very harmful to health, even more than smoking, according to some experts. Not taking breaks at work or leading a sedentary life can take its toll in the long run. This is what Ata Pouramini, nutrition expert and one of the most renowned chiropractors, explained in an interview for 20 minutes.

“Spine deviation, muscle stiffness, obesity, increased blood pressure, decompensation of the circulatory system, increased cholesterol levels…” are some of the negative effects on the body that can lead to health problems, according to Pouramini.

The expert has said that various studies quantify the effects of ‘sitting’ meaning that “it can increase the probability of dying 15 years earlier by up to 40%“.

Sedentary lifestyle and cardiovascular diseases

Even institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO) have stated that a sedentary lifestyle is one of the main factors of early deathwhich can increase the risk of non-communicable diseases such as cancer wave diabetes.

According to the WHO, inactive people are those who do less than 90 minutes of weekly physical activity. Having a sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of having overweight or obesemore likely to cardiovascular diseasesimpaired mental activity or psychologicalor more chances of die early.

In addition, in the case of women, if they do not practice a minimum activity, they can be affected by the effects of the menopausehas pointed out the expert.

Healthy lifestyle habits at work

To counteract ‘sitting’, it is not only important to practice physical exercisebut it also helps to have a correct sitting posture, according to Pouramini. Putting your back straight, having the computer at a correct distance and getting up ten minutes for every hour of work sitting down are some of the tips that experts offer to keep in mind when we work.

From Quiropràctic Valencia they insist on the importance of “identify symptoms and preventnot wait to feel pain to be able to remedy it.” They argue that it is essential to maintain a good posture when sitting in order to preserve general health.

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