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At the Pharmacom congress of the Federal Chamber of Pharmacists, Fischer mentioned the skin fold test as an important guideline: parents use their fingers to form a skin fold on the child’s abdomen. If, after release, it remains standing for more than two seconds, this also indicates a lack of fluid in the body.

With juices, teas and electrolytes for diarrhea

And how can parents get enough fluids and salts for their children again? The Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) recommends salty broths or high-potassium fruit juices such as banana or apricot at kindergesundheit-info.de.

Tea can also be used, such as fennel or chamomile tea, to which one or two teaspoons without the top of sugar and a pinch of salt are added per cup. Pharmacy electrolyte solutions may also help.

When should a child see a doctor?

In some cases, however, one thing is clear: the child must go to the doctor. For example, if the diarrhea is bloody. Or if it is accompanied by vomiting and fever. Medical advice is also important if the child urinates less than every six hours and has dry lips and tongue.
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