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How old is your son? These are the times that he will catch a cold per year according to his age

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The snot and coughs They are a constant from November to May in every home with young children. Neither the hat, the scarf, the coat or any other article of clothing prevents a child from catch a cold several times a year. The study ‘Child-Respir on the prevention and treatment of respiratory infections in pediatrics‘ has now put figures on this frequent reason for visiting the doctor.

The cold is the cause of 6 out of 10 visits to pediatrics and depending on the age of the children, it attacks between 1 and 3 times a year or more. Children under 5 years of age suffer up to 8 and primary school students between 5 and 6. Most of these respiratory infections have a good prognosis, although between 20 and 40% come from superinfections on a previous infection.

The study analyzed the information provided by 129 paediatricians from 1,900 families. The results show that a 10-year-old child may have had up to 100 different infections in his lifetime.

As often happens, there is no magic remedy and the only consolation left for parents is that as they get older they catch fewer colds. This report also shows that 81% of parents think that vitamin and mineral supplements can help stimulate the defenses and are useful, while 72% of pediatricians agree that natural immunomodulators reduce the need for antibiotic use.

Do these remedies work?? According to Dr. De la Torre, it depends on the phase of the cold; For example, onion can be useful when there is congestion and honey to reduce coughing, although it is not recommended for children under 1 year of age and is restricted for those under 2 years of age due to its sugar content.

Source: Antena3

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