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A study associates a higher risk of having and dying from cancer with a higher consumption of ultra-processed foods

A study of imperial college london (UK), published in the magazine ‘EClinicalMedicine‘ is associated with a higher risk of developing and dying from cancer with increased food intake ultra-processed.

This is the most comprehensive assessment to date of the relationship between ultra-processed foods and the risk of developing cancer. What is considered ultra-processed food? those like the fizzy drinksthe packaged breadsmany of the pre-cooked food and most of breakfast cereal that have been highly processed during their production.

These foods usually have more salt, fat and sugar, and contain artificial additives. In addition, they are related to obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

The lead author of the study, eszter come onstresses that “this study adds to the growing evidence that food ultra-processed can negatively affect our health, including cancer risk. Given the high levels of consumption in adults and children in the UK, this has important implications for future health.”

The researchers want to make it clear that his study is observational, so it does not show a causal relationship between ultra-processed foods and cancer and they add that more studies are needed in this field to establish a causal relationship.

“Our bodies may not react in the same way to these ultra-processed ingredients and additives as it does to fresh, nutritious, minimally processed foods. However, ultra-processed foods are everywhere and are marketed with cheap prices and attractive packaging to promote their consumption. This shows that our food environment needs urgent reform to protect the population from ultra-processed foods.”

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