Vitamin B12 is key in cell reprogramming and tissue regeneration, according to a study

A scientific study has discovered that vitamin B12 has a fundamental role in the rescheduling of the cells and tissue regeneration. This result has been supported by a study led by the IRB Barcelona biomedical research institute. Research has focused on examining the role of B12 in cellular reprogramming. This is a process that is considered to mimic the early phases of tissue repair.

The team, led by Dr. Manuel Serrano, has discovered that cellular reprogramming in mice consumes large quantities of vitamin B12. In addition, its decrease becomes a limiting factor that delays and harms some aspects of the reprogramming process.

The scientific article has been published in the journal Nature Metabolism and has received funding from different public administrations, funds and scientific institutions.

What is the function of vitamin B12?

The function of vitamin B12 in our body is to contribute to the production of Red blood cells and facilitate the synthesis of DNA. Processes that are vital for our health. This nutrient is found in dairy products, red meat, white meat, and fish.

The researchers realized that the intestinal cells that initiate repair undergo a process similar to cellular reprogramming and also benefit from vitamin supplementation.

“These results are promising for regenerative medicine, with the potential to benefit patients through better nutrition,” said Dr. Manuel Serrano.

The research also delved into the metabolic requirements of cellular reprogramming, and they discovered that vitamin B12 is a limiting factor of a branch of metabolism involved in a reaction known as “methylation.”

For the DNA of cells to initiate reprogramming or tissue repair, high levels of the methylation reaction and, therefore, vitamin B12 are required.

Without sufficient levels of vitamin B12 in the processes of cell reprogramming or tissue regeneration, multiple errors in gene function are caused.

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