A 19-year-old girl discovers that she is six months pregnant despite taking contraceptives

Nowadays, social networks are a communication instrument where hundreds of users share and give visibility to certain topics such as, on this occasion, cryptic pregnancy and with which a Tiktok user has gone viral after telling her followers her testimony.

Stealth pregnancy does not present symptoms in the woman who suffers from it and therefore does not perceive her condition until advanced weeks. Are one in 500 those who do not know that they are going to have a baby until approximately 20 weeks of pregnancy, in addition to those (one in every 2,500) who do not discover it until they go into labor.

The last witness to this cryptic pregnancy has been the young Miriam, who details on her networks that despite taking birth control pills for 4 years and having a correct menstruation cycle, she discovered by chance that she was 6 months pregnant. Her life continued to be normal and she did not suffer from any indicators that could alert her of a possible pregnancy until the moment when she began to feel too tired and her belly swelled.

She claims that, due to this last symptom, her mother decided to take her to the hospital for an examination, since, as she herself has said, at home she has both mother and father, history of pancreatic cancer and the swelling in his stomach did not leave his parents alone. After a urine test, his test came back positive.

She confesses that during that stage of her life, she began to work and so at first she attributed the fatigue she suffered to the poor eating and sleeping habits she had, since she was still experiencing menstrual spotting.

“How can I be pregnant if I had my period 2 weeks ago?” said the young woman who, after a test to rule it out, received this news with her mother who assures that at all times she remained “very calm” despite her nerves and uncertainty of the young woman when they also informed her that the pregnancy was already at 26 weeks of gestation.

Despite this, the user details her testimony with very natural and the video has already accumulated more than 5 million views where viewers comment on their opinions on this surprise that already scares many young women: “Cryptic pregnancy is my biggest fear since I discovered it.”

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