5 tricks to keep your toilet clean and disinfected

Cleaning the toilet is one of the least liked tasks to perform since it is a complex and unpleasant task. Both at home and in public spaces, the toilet is the area that collects the most bacteria and to clean it it is necessary to use gloves or masks to protect the person in charge of cleaning the bathroom.

In the Public spaces such as hospitals, large shopping centers, cinemas or public bathrooms, toilet maintenance and cleaning must be carried out several times a day, at least three, to safeguard the cleaning and disinfection of the toilet.

In a private homekeeping the toilet clean is the responsibility of all cohabitants, but in general, cleaning the bathroom is usually carried out several times a week if few people live together or once a day if a large family lives in the home.

Likewise, proper cleaning of the toilet will also prevent bad odors from being generated in the bathroom or adjoining rooms, as well as pipes from clogging or porcelain from taking on a different shade than its original one.

It is important to pay maximum attention to this area of ​​the house and any public area because when using a toilet that is not properly cleaned and disinfected, bacteria or infectious diseases can be contracted.

5 tricks to keep the toilet clean and disinfected

To keep the toilet clean and disinfected, we propose five tricks that always work so that the toilet is sparkling clean and you are not too lazy to carry out the arduous task of cleaning the toilet.

One of basic tricks To clean the toilet is to use a special product for bathrooms and bleach, accompanied by a cloth and a brush to deepen the cleaning of the deepest areas. With this, a daily toilet cleaning would be enough.

So that the cleanliness and whiteness of the toilet last, it is good to use the mixture of baking soda, vinegar and lemon, especially for the background, which is always the area that tends to darken the most. This mixture is also suitable for unclogging drains.

When a bathroom has not been cleaned for a long time and a lot of dirt has accumulated, it is advisable to pour the mixture of water, salt and vinegar so that it dissolves and is much easier to clean.

To remove toothpaste or soap stains, an infallible trick is to wipe a sponge with hydrogen peroxide on the stained surface.

Once the toilet is cleaned, an important part is the mirror, since it is one of the areas that is seen the most when entering a toilet. To disinfect the mirrors, it is advisable to spray them with a steamer with hot black or green tea. Afterwards, it should be cleaned with a paper so that there are no remains or marks.

Comprehensive cleaning of the toilet must be accompanied by frequent changes of towels, rugs and curtains.

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