Gassen told the newspaper Wams and the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (NOZ) that many people are understandably vaccine-weary due to enormous public pressure in favor of corona vaccinations. However, this may be problematic for at-risk groups. They should follow vaccination recommendations to protect themselves, including against the flu. The shots can also be combined: “The left hand is for the flu, the right hand is for the coronavirus,” Gassin told the newspapers.

Coronavirus and flu continue to threaten vulnerable groups

“It is always important to emphasize: Corona can still be a serious disease for particularly vulnerable groups without adequate protection through vaccination,” warned Markus Bayer, Chairman of the German Association of General Practitioners, in Wams.

The same goes for the flu. “During a particularly bad flu season, tens of thousands of people are known to die from this disease.” The Standing Committee on Vaccination (Stiko) recommends that people aged 60 years and older, as well as people with underlying health conditions, get a flu vaccine – annually from October to mid-December.

Stiko’s recommendations for Covid-19 vaccinations

Adults under 60 typically have basic immunity against Covid-19 after two vaccinations and one illness, or after three vaccinations, Stiko said. For people aged 60 and over or those at risk of severe Covid-19, Stiko recommends further booster vaccinations twelve months after the last vaccination or illness – preferably in the autumn. Healthy children and young people do not currently need Covid-19 vaccinations.

It would be helpful if there were “finally” single doses of the corona vaccine, rather than six packs, Gassen told NOZ. “Then experts must group six vaccinated people together so they don’t have to throw away any doses.”
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