This can be seen in the absences from schools and kindergartens, as well as the care leave taken by colleagues: The infection season is beginning. “We are currently seeing a lot of respiratory infections,” Judith Aberle from MedUni Vienna told Kleine Zeitung earlier this week. The infection process is currently dominated by Sars-CoV-2 and rhinoviruses; flu and RSV activity are still manageable. This situation is expected to change in the coming weeks.

In the children’s center of LKH-Univ. Preparations are continuing for the increasing number of patients in the clinic. On the one hand, arrangements were made for people accompanying young patients; We reported this here. Since November 10, a portal polyclinic has also been established in the forecourt of the children’s center. This system always works on weekends and is primarily aimed at relieving the burden of the outpatient department of the children’s clinic.

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When should I take my child to the doctor?

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For parents: What new rules apply in children’s hospitals?

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Pediatricians are open on weekends but no one goes there

Pediatricians are open on weekends but no one goes there