Spain breaks a new record for waiting lists for surgery

One of the great problems of Health in Spain the long waiting list of patients continues who need to undergo a operation. The situation, however, is getting worse instead of better.

More than 819,000 waiting: historical record

Right now there are almost 820,000 (819,964) people who are waiting for a non-urgent surgical intervention. A historical record. In our country, on average, patients wait 112 days until they undergo said operations.

The three specialties with the longest delay

On the other hand, waiting lists to get an appointment with the doctors have also increased. specialist doctors, in this case you have to wait an average of 87 days, about 8 days more than last year. The three specialties with The most delayed are Neurology (117), Dermatology (99) and Traumatology (90).

On the contrary, the shortest times are observed in General Surgery with an average waiting time for the consultation of 54 days, and Gynecology with 58 days.

Díaz Ayuso comes forward

Given these data, the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayusohas gone to his official ‘X’ account to boast that in Madrid the situation is better than in the rest of the autonomous communities: “The average wait for surgery in Spain is 112 days; in Madrid, 45“, detailed the leader of the Madrid PP.

According to data provided by the National system of health and updated as of June 30, 2023, the autonomous communities where you have to wait the most days to be operated are Canary Islands (153), Estremadura (147), Cantabria (142), Andalusia (139) and Catalonia (122), while those that take the least are Madrid (45), Galicia (66) and the Basque Country (68 days).

This is what they expect on average in each community, from more to less:

  • Extremadura: 152 days.
  • Cantabria: 142 days.
  • Andalusia: 139 days.
  • Catalonia: 131 days.
  • Aragon: 126 days.
  • Balearic Islands: 122 days.
  • Ceuta: 116 days.
  • Castile and La Mancha: 108 days.
  • Castilla y León: 103 days.
  • La Rioja: 100 days.
  • Murcia: 88 days.
  • Melilla: 86 days.
  • Asturias: 84.
  • Valencian Community: 79 days.
  • Navarra: 75 days.
  • Basque Country: 68 days.
  • Galicia: 66 days.
  • Madrid: 45 days.

Source: Antena3


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