They warn of the presence of metal fragments in a brand of ice cream sold in Spain

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) has received a notification from the German health authorities of an alert of the presence of metal fragments in some tubs of vanilla ice cream Of the brand ‘Bon Gelati‘.

The batches of this ice cream that would be affected are L3 275 A01, with an expiration date of 09/21/2025; and L3 276 A01, with expiration date 09/22/2025.

“Metallic and plastic foreign bodies”

This product distributed by LIDL has caused the supplier ‘Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG.’ request the return of the ice cream, which to be more specific is this: ‘Bon Gelati Bourbon Vanilla Flavor 2500 ml’ “by not being able to rule out the presence of metallic and plastic foreign bodies“.

Product dates

  • Product name (on label): Bon Gelati Bourbon Vanilla Flavor
  • Brand Name: Bon Gelati
  • Product appearance: Plastic tub
  • Batch numbers: L3 275 A01 with expiry date: 09/21/2025 and L3 276 A01 with expiry date: 09/22/2025
  • Unit weight/vol: 2500 ml
  • Temperature: frozen

The supermarket chain ‘Lidl’ has already withdrawn the product from all its stores “Due to the possible risk of injury,” he also wanted to warn that “customers should pay attention and if they have these expiration dates affected, not consume the product under any circumstances.”

The AESAN website also highlights that the alert issued is “resulting from the self-control of the company itself, which has communicated the incident to the competent authorities, in compliance with the legislation and in order not to make unsafe food available to the population. insurance”.

Source: Antena3


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